April, 2016

Everybody knows the LYCA brand as being in the telco business, with everything from pay as you go phone cards through to mobile phone plans for both business and leisure.


What is less well known is that LYCA also operate radio and TV Networks for any number of ethnic communities in the UK, and it was for one of the TV networks that they contacted Black Cab Advertising. GMA is one of the leading broadcasters in the Philippines and is now available to the 218,000 strong Filipino community in the UK.

When leading celebrity Kris Bernal came to London for various promotions, LYCA TV wanted to make her feel special, hence the call to Black Cab Advertising. What better way than to achieve that than by being the star of her very own LYCA TV taxi. Kris and her team were taken around London in the LYCA TV taxi, and the taxi provided great opportunity to be a part in some fabulous photo opportunities in London.

The taxi was originally booked for a week, but LYCA TV were so impressed that they continued the campaign for a year, and no doubt there will be many more visitors from the Philippines who will want to use and be seen in the LYCA TV taxi.

Iconic London taxis work in so many ways. Whether it be for creating visibility in and around a city centre for a mainstream campaign through to PR and corporate hospitality usage as was the case with the LYCA TV taxi.

The London taxi is an iconic brand, and an integral part of the transport system. Long may they be on the road.


Taxi advertising works and Black Cab Advertising works harder.

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