#Wearewoking campaign on the move

February, 2019

With help from Black Cab Advertising, the #wearewoking message is mobile for 2019

#Wearewoking campaign on the move #Wearewoking campaign on the move #Wearewoking campaign on the move

#Wearewoking is council-sponsored tag line for the Surrey town that is being transformed by a wealth of investment and development. 

The 10 year plan has meant a lot of change for businesses and residents alike, and the #Wearewoking camapign has been the mouthpiece to keep all Woking stakeholders up to date with what's going on. #Wearewoking is supported by Celebrate Woking Woking Works and Woking Shopping.

The taxis are a vital element of the promotions and communication campaign to remind residents especially about the latest news and developments around town. Plus the many success stories that are coming through as a consequece of the changes can be seen. Visit: https://www.wearewoking.com/



Taxi advertising works and Black Cab Advertising works harder.

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