Why advertise on taxis?

There are so many advertising opportunities available so what makes advertising on taxis stand out and so vital to the delivery of your marketing strategy?


Taxis are everywhere!

Look around you. Taxis make thousands of journeys every day, carrying a multitude of passengers - your potential customers. What better way to market your brand than by advertising on taxis, essentially a mobile 24/7 billboard that will be seen in all the right places:

  • City Centre
  • High Streets
  • Train Stations
  • Hotels
  • Airport

Taxis are close to your customers

Everyone uses taxis, and taxis go everywhere, hence they have a much broader reach than other out of home formats. This means that taxis enable you to target all of the following:

  • Business persons
  • Shoppers – Close to the point of sale!
  • Commuters
  • Students
  • Tourists

Taxi campaigns invite innovation

Advertising on taxis really can stimulate the imagination. Come up with your own idea or work with us to develop an innovative campaign concept that will not only make you stand out from your competitors but will make your clients and customers really sit up and take notice. Think about:

  • Collecting your client in a branded taxi
  • Converting your taxi into a virtual meeting venue
  • Placing your taxi at an exhibition or event

And finally...

...don't forget your cabbie! They are your brand ambassadors, talking to your potential customers with knowledge on the brand they are carrying. Their welcome, knowledge and service can create a great experience for a passenger, and therefore a positive association with your brand.

Taxi advertising works and Black Cab Advertising works harder.

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